CVT-765 Capacitor Voltage Transformer Tester


Capacitor Voltage Transformer Tester

Part Number(s)
9025-UC [CVT-765]
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CVT-765 Datasheet (English)
CVT-765 User's Manual (Enlgish)

The Vanguard CVT-765 is a microprocessor-based, single phase, automatic, transformer turns-ratio tester. This portable test unit is specifically designed to measure the turns-ratios of Voltage Transformers (VT’s), Potential Transformers (PT’s), and Capacitor Voltage Transformers (CVT’s).

The CVT-765 determines the transformer turns-ratio using the measuring method. It uses a 7500Vac excitation voltage source to accurately measure the turns-ratio of Capacitor Voltage Transformers with a rating of up to 765KV. The transformer turns-ratio is determined by precisely measuring the voltages across the unloaded transformer windings.

The CVT-765 can measure the turns-ratios of Capacitor Voltage Transformers ranging from 75 to 15,000. The measured turns-ratio, winding polarity, and winding phase angle are displayed on the unit’s LCD screen.

  • Standalone or computer-controlled
  • Can test CVT's rated up to 765 KV
  • Displays turns-ratios from 75-15,000
  • Calculates turns-ratio percentage error when nameplate voltages are provided




Technical Specifications

TYPE Portable, automatic, CVT, VT, PT turns-ratio tester
PHYSICAL SPECIFICATIONS 19.5" x 12" x 17" D (49.5 cm x 30.5 cm x 43.2 cm)
INPUT POWER 100 – 120 Vac or 220 – 240 Vac (selectable), 50/60 Hz
RATIO-MEASURING RANGE 75 - 10,000 (5 digit resolution)
TURNS-RATIO ACCURACY 75 - 4,999: ±0.25%, 5,000 – 9,999: ±0.35%, 10,000 - 15,000: ±0.5%
PHASE ANGLE READING 0-360 degrees, ±0.2 degree accuracy
POLARITY In-Phase or Out-of-Phase indication
TEST VOLTAGE 7440Vac @ 50ma
DISPLAY Back-lit LCD (128 x 64 pixels), viewable in direct sunlight and low light levels
PC SOFTWARE Windows XP/Vista/7 Transformer Analysis Software (included with purchase)
INTERNAL TEST RECORD STORAGE 128 test records. Each record contains 33 readings.
EXTERNAL TEST RECORD STORAGE Up to 999 test records on external USB Flash drive.
ENVIRONMENT Operating: -10oC to 50oC (15oF to +122oF)
Storage: (-30oC to 70oC (-22oF to +158oF)
HUMIDITY (MAX) 90% RH @ 40 C (104 F) non-condensing
ALTITUDE (MAX) 2000m (6562 ft) to full safety specifications
CABLES One 50 ft. H cable, one 15 ft. X cable, one power cable, one safety ground cable
WARRANTY One year on parts and labor
Specifications are valid at nominal voltage and ambient temperature of +25C (+77F).

Field Pictures

CVT Testing at PLN, Indonesia